Meet Milo

A humanoid robot that provides stimulation, enrichment and cognitive therapy for seniors

Robots4Seniors™ is an innovative new program that gives caregivers a unique way to deliver meaningful life-enrichment activities that blend fun and therapy.


The challenge for caregivers of seniors

A challenge for many seniors in their later years is remaining physically and mentally active. A challenge for their caregivers is to find activities that engage seniors while building social and cognitive skills. Robots4Seniors uses a humanoid robot named Milo to guide seniors through activities ranging from brain games and exercises to singing and reading. Robots4Seniors is an excellent complement to existing activities programs and therapy services.

The benefits of Robots4Seniors

Developed by top experts in aging from the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Robots4Seniors activities are designed to increase memory function, boost creativity, promote focus and attention, encourage language skills, relieve stress, and reduce boredom.

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Advanced Technology

An HD camera allows our robot to see people, objects, motions, facial expressions and gestures. An internal computer runs his movement, intelligence and programs. Microphones listen, speak and record. Sensors detect touch, faces and motion.

Expressive Humanoid

Milo has a humanoid face and body. He talks, listens and moves expressively, purposely and naturally. His arms and legs move – and he walks! He is built with a full range of facial muscles so he can express human emotions while interacting.


RoboKind’s robots’ powerful artificial intelligence, CompuCompassion, includes the ability to detect faces, track motion, recognize speech, interact with people conversationally, analyze interactions, and make engagement decisions.

Experts in Aging

RoboKind collaborated with experts in aging from the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health to develop the activities and interventions that are included with the Robots4Seniors program.

Robots4Seniors Info

Download our information sheet to learn more about Milo and Robots4Seniors. Our revolutionary robot is an exciting and affordable new  tool for those working with seniors.

Meet Milo & learn more about Robots4Seniors