Meet Milo

A humanoid robot that engages children with Autism and delivers research-based lessons that teach social behaviors

This revolutionary robot is an exciting and affordable new tool for educators, therapists and parents. Using Robots4Autism’s research-based curriculum, Milo teaches elementary and middle school age children the understanding and meaning of emotions and expressions, and demonstrates appropriate social behavior and responses.




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How robot therapists can fill a gap in health care

Creating a positive learning environment for children with autism

Milo the robot is highly effective at reaching and motivating children with autism who have difficulty interacting with humans or who are uncomfortable practicing and using social skills with people. Anxiety and emotional dysregulation inhibit learning. When children are engaged and comfortable, they’re better able to learn. Recent research has shown that children working with a therapist and Milo are engaged 70-80% of the time compared to just 3-10% of the time with traditional approaches. Children want to work with Milo again and again which increases their opportunities to learn and their developmental success.

An affordable, effective intervention

RoboKind offers the first affordable advanced social robot designed specifically to teach children with autism critical social skills. The Robots4Autism curriculum was developed by autism experts to provide educators, therapists and parents an effective method of teaching appropriate social interactions that are challenging for children with ASD. Using Robots4Autism, children act more appropriately in social situations, self-motivate, self-regulate, and generalize in the population. Learn more>>>

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Advanced Technology

A high definition camera. A Web portal for automated individual student data collection. Evidence based practice of technology aided instruction.

Expressive Humanoid

Milo has a humanoid body. He talks, listens and moves expressively, purposely and naturally. His arms and legs move and he walks! Milo is built with a full range of facial muscles so he can express and demonstrate most human emotions while interacting.

Autism Experts

RoboKind collaborated with top autism experts to define a research-based, multi-phase curriculum for autism intervention and social skills training. Meet the autism experts who helped us develop the curriculum and continue to collaborate on Robots4Autism.

Robots4Autism Info

Download our information sheet to learn more about Milo and the Robots4Autism curriculum. Our revolutionary robot and research-based curriculum is an exciting and affordable new intervention tool for those working with children with ASD.

New! Robots4Autism is available for Android & iOS!