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RoboKind is the world leader in humanoid social robotics. We design and build robots with advanced capabilities that enable people to engage with robots personally and socially.

We are constantly innovating to create robots that enrich learning and enhance the quality of life for people around the world. Take a look at our current robots as well as our plans for the future.


Robots4Seniors™ is an innovative new program that provides meaningful life-enrichment activities that blend fun and therapy. Developed by top experts in aging from the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Robots4Seniors is an excellent complement to existing activities programs and therapy services. Milo, an expressive, humanoid robot, guides seniors through activities ranging from brain games and exercises to singing and reading.

Robots4Seniors Difference

  • Unparalleled human like expressions, gestural bodies and eyes, face tracking, and conversational artificial intelligence
  • Programmed to deliver activities that build social and cognitive skills, promote focus and attention, encourage language skills, relieve stress, and reduce boredom
  • Enables more frequent and longer personalized interactions per day that can reduce the rate of progressive disease onset and improve the a senior’s mood and outlook
  • Calm, consistent interaction that provides ongoing encouragement
  • Advanced software, an HD camera and microphones provide therapists and caregivers with valuable real time data of engagement levels and cognitive improvements.


RoboSTEPS™ is an innovative computer science courseware that uses action-driven humanoid robots, programmable avatars and animation to teach real world cognitive and reasoning skills, and scientific concepts and applications. This full year high school computer science and programming course is delivered via eBooks and provides each student with their own avatar to program in Java. Students are delighted to control an actual expressive interactive humanoid robot. RoboSteps is an easy add-on to enhance or extend existing computer science coursework, and also provides ideal learning opportunities for a robotics club or computer science competition.

Teachers appreciate the comprehensive instructional guides that provide detailed lesson plans with directed learning activities. These inquiry-based and project-based assignments for individual, team and class participation create high level excitement and fun for students and teachers alike. The course is designed to promote cooperative learning and problem solving with all levels of students from their very first lesson.

The RoboSTEPS Difference

  • A scaffolding curriculum introduces students to computer science, programming and robotics through project-based coursework
  • The activities promote problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative skills while integrating computers, computational concepts, technology and emerging scientific developments into cross-discipline instruction
  • Affordable and scalable to meet educational budgets
  • Compliments the core standards of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), and aligns to the National Science Education (NSES), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and National Education Technology (NETS) standards
  • Teachers utilize 5E learning concepts of engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate
  • Includes easy-to-access eBooks with project-based activities for students, and comprehensive lessons plans and weekly planners for teachers

Future Products:

Foreign Language Development

Early introduction of foreign languages provides children –in ages 3- 7 with the ability to acquire the language earlier and more fluently through the expressive interactions with the robot and tablet. It provides a personalized language instructor who can read to the child, ask questions, and react to pronunciations of words. Classroom programs for schools will be available in Chinese, French, Spanish and English as a second language.

Early Childhood Reading

A robot /tablet reading program that is designed to provide a unique personalized pre-K-3 library of age and reading level appropriate selections used by parents and teachers. Used for early acquisition of prerequisite vocabulary and reading skills, the program provides the readiness language skills to accelerate reading readiness and achievement.