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October 27, 2016

New Tools for Schools

Technology & Learning

October 17, 2016

Meet Milo: The Robot Who Helps Kids Learn


October 11, 2016

Milo and Autism

Today Tonight

September 22, 2016

RoboKind Debuts Robot for STEM Education

DFW Launch

September 22, 2016

RoboKind Debuts Robot for STEM Education

District Administration

September 20, 2016

RoboKind Debuts Robot with African American Likeness for STEM Education

Tech & Learning

August 3, 2016

Navigating Autism in Public Education

ADVANCE for Speech & Hearing

July 21, 2016

How robot therapists can fill a gap in health care


June 8, 2016

Teaching students with autism: What makes the little things rewarding

Autism Speaks

April 18, 2016

10 of the coolest robots in the world right now

Trusted Reviews

April 12, 2016

Robotics: Reaching students on the autism spectrum

Classroom Robotics

April 10, 2016

Dr. Pamela Rollins with Milo the Robot

KDFW-TV4, Dallas

April 8, 2016

Robots Jumpstart Learning in Some US Districts

Education Dive

April 7, 2016

Not-So-Artifical Intelligence

ADVANCE for Speech & Hearing

March 17, 2016

Robots4Autsim Named a 2016 Cool Tool Finalist

EdTech Digest

March 15, 2016

Serving Autistic Students Still a Challenge for Many Schools

Education Dive

March 15, 2016

RoboKind Earns Top Start-up Title for Advancements in Autism Intervention

Closing the Gap

March 3, 2016

Robots4Autism Wins Start-up Contest

Special World

February 23, 2016

Meet Milo, a Social Robot Like No Other…

Ability Tools

January 6, 2016

Meet Milo a consistent, persistent, patient teacher

Wilson County News

January 2, 2016

Robot Helps Children with Autism Learn Social Skills

Autism Spectrum Stuff

December 9, 2015

This Robot Might Revolutionize Autism Treatment


December 9, 2015

Robots4Autism teaching children with autism good social and emotional behaviors

 WCMH-TV Columbus

November 9, 2015

France’s RoboCARE bets robots can keep elderly healthy and teach the French to speak better English

Venture Beat

November 8, 2015

Creating a learning trajectory for all students: Meet Milo


October 26, 2015

Tech Showcase: Library of Congress online conference, LMS checklist among top picks

Smartblog on Education

October 19, 2015

EMCSD Invites the Community to Meet Milo

El Monte City School District

September 25, 2015

School System Uses Robots with Autistic Students

 The Dispatch

September 10, 2015

Saint-Quentin un salon de la robonumérique pour tous les publics

 Courrier Picard

July 26, 2015

Working with Robot Supported Therapy, Dr. Rollins Reports on Progress with Children with Autism

 Assistive Technology News 

May 22, 2015

New Product: RoboKind—Advanced Social Robotics

Closing the Gap 

May 15, 2015

Crean un robot para ayudar a los niños que sufren de autismo

Univision, Primer Impacto

• May 14, 2015

Robots Reach New Levels of Sophistication

Time Warner Cable News

• May 14, 2015

Overview of RoboUniverse New York, 2015


• May 13, 2015

Texas-Built Robot Helps Children With Autism Learn


• May 13, 2015

Meet Milo, a robot helping kids with autism


• April 23, 2015

4 tools and resources to help autistic students navigate K-12

Education Dive 

April 8, 2015

Social robots could better engage children with autism, research says

eSchool News

• April 2, 2015

Robots Help in Fight Against Autism

CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper 

• March 25, 2015

Research Shows Robots Enhance Learning for ASD Students

Education World

March 4, 2015

Meet ‘Milo’- the humanoid robot that can help ASD children


March 4, 2015

Robot for Reaching Children With Autism Demonstrated

Science & Enterprise

March 4, 2015

RoboKind Reveals Cutting-Edge Autism Research (start at 1:04 minutes)

Autism Live

February 1, 2015

How Robots are Helping Children with Autism

The Guardian

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