Changing the world with advanced social robotics.


RoboKind is the world leader in humanoid social robotics. We design and build robots with advanced capabilities that enable people to engage with robots personally and socially.

Our advanced social robots are purpose-built for autism intervention, special education, STEM instruction and university research. We can deliver full courseware and therapies created by subject matter experts, and include appropriate interaction for both verbal and non-verbal learners.

Most robotics companies create robots that just move and perform functions. Our robots, however, are created to be more humanistic with unparalleled technology that produces the most lifelike robots in the world. RoboKind robots feature the ability to walk, talk, teach, and think while using life-like facial expressions and natural social interactions.

The RoboKind team includes some of the nation’s top experts in robotics, artificial intelligence, and electrical, mechanical and software engineering. Together, we engineered breakthrough technology to create the interactive and facial expression possible in our humanoid robots.

The RoboKind Difference

  • Robots with high-level artificial intelligence (have conversations, measure interest, learning and frustration, deliver education, determine when to re-engage and respond to facial expressions and gestures)
  • Realistically displays human facial expressions and emotions
  • Robots can assess the emotional and interest levels of the participants through facial recognition and adjust the lesson to continue learning
  • Data capture and video recording of sessions assists teachers, facilitators and parents in viewing progress and planning future learning activities
  • Utilizes robot/student/tablet interactions
  • Manufactured for real uses around the world in research, treatment, and education
  • The first affordable advanced social robot

RoboKind Mission

Our mission is to design and build affordable social robots that interact with people more naturally and personally than ever before. We hope our robots can help people learn and grow as they benefit from our robot’s unique capabilities.