Exploring New Ideas with Advanced Social Robotics

Advanced humanoid robots that transform the teaching of content, deliver innovative intervention, and provide new and exciting engagement for children and adults.

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Robots4Autism Featured on CNN!

RoboKind robots help in fight against autism.

About RoboKind

  • Design and Build Interactive Robots
  • Share Knowledge, Learn, and Grow
  • Personalizing Robotics Technology
  • Transend Function Develop Socially
  • Reducing Costs, Increasing Access
  • Leading Advanced Social Robotics


  • Revolutionary Autism Intervention
  • Intrinsically Motivates Children
  • Non-threatening Social Development
  • Patent-Pending CompuCompassion
  • For Institutions & Individuals
  • Research-based Curriculum


  • Dynamic CSR Curriculum
  • Action-driven Robots
  • Individual Student Avatars
  • Real World Programing
  • Project Based Learning
  • Collaborative Problem Solving


  • Affordable Reduced Costs
  • For Diverse Demographics
  • Many Languages Supported
  • Unique Research Platform
  • Easy to Implement Courses
  • Open Source Architecture

RoboKind Robots Conferences

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June 28 – July 1 | Philadelphia